About Green House


Green House is the first experimental and collaborative project from Natural Talisman. The four large lithographs are a playful initial glimpse into a longer running project. 

A group of friends and artists were invited simply to explore their relationship with their natural environment, both outside and inside their respective studios and daily lives – and how this influence might shape their own personas or practices. 

The culmination of the project will become a small book containing some of the art included on these posters as well as a plethora of additional works and imagery. Some of these original pieces are available now, such as Frances Whitnall's Nicasio oil paintings. Others will become available over the next several months. 


Local, Offset Lithography


For this initial series of posters the functional goal was to create oversized, immersive posters that had a sculptural presence, and an archival quality level – but still be sold democratically.

Working with a local, offset printshop, we were able to produce pieces that both met this physical scale (24"x36") and priced affordably at just $30. 

Offset reproduction refers to a photomechanical process of reproducing an original image by first "breaking down" or "separating" the artist's blend of colors into four constituent colors and then recombining them on a printing press to approximate the original work of art. The process is known for the production of accurate, detailed, and rich imagery.