Painting is an expression of a moment or a kind of meditation. It is also a more intellectual investigation into formal means..

Sometimes my painting is simply a record of light in a certain moment. Familiar places, faces of family or friends, still lives. The pure pleasure is composing, mixing the color and finding the right value a hoping the feeling comes through. I try to stay loose and stay close to the first impression.

Making pictures is something I've enjoyed since childhood.

Light is always the starting point of the inspiration. If there is not a complete range of values on the subject I will move to something else or set the light up. At other times the painting process pushes me to let the process dictate color choices or formal decisions. Things become more abstract and painting is more of an intellectual puzzle to solve.

Some visual artists that inspired me have been Fairfield Porter, Giorgio Morandi, Sergeant, Richard Diebenkorn, Elizabeth Blackadder and Livia Stein. I received a Bachelors in Advertising Design from University of Florida and a Masters in Humanities from Dominican University. I worked as an Art Director at several advertising agencies. I have three grown children and live in Marin County, California.


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